🎙 Our First Joint Podcast 😎

A conversation on work-from-home, work culture, technology, and relationships

All relationships are the same in that they all have many firsts. First kiss. First dinner. First fight. First kid. First house. First joint podcast that synthesizes key themes from your work and parental lives.

OK, maybe that last one is a stretch - but it sure is a darn good lead-in to our interview on the ShiftHappens podcast that dropped this week. 😁 Listen to it here:


Or go directly to Spotify.

The backstory: A few months ago, my longtime colleague Dux Raymund Sy reached out after reading a few Mind The Beet articles and asked if we’d like to join him on his podcast, which focuses on interviewing leaders on digital and cultural transformation projects in the workplace. Dux works for AvePoint, a long-time partner of Microsoft, so our work lives have crossed paths a few times over the years as he’s a member of the fantastically awesome Microsoft 365 community.

It was a fun & casual conversation that touched on deeper themes of responsibility, working styles, and managing burnout. We both got to talk about our work and the role of technology in helping transform our environments and economy as well.

Dux is a great conversationalist, and if you are reading this Dux, thanks for the opportunity!

Listen: https://www.avepoint.com/blog/office-365/work-life-changes/