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I have the Bryant Heat Pump (came with the house) and we've been happy with it! On cold days electric will kick in automatically, but it gives you options on being able to use just the heat pump too. App is ok :)

Just two months ago had to replace old electric water heater. Sadly I couldn't go heat pump (they call them hybrids in the industry apparently) due to various parameters. But I got a smaller tank with a booster, which ended up saving some power. It's a smaller tank with a tankless heater on top to give it a boost when the smaller tank is not warm enough. Might be an option for you too.

Also, this company is making battery boosted 120V induction cooktops. I don't think they are on the market yet, but maybe they will be in time for your upgrade: https://www.impulselabs.com

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Awesome article.

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