That's a very important topic! I already wrote twice about it:

1. Principles for prioritizing competing work: https://www.leadinginproduct.com/p/principles-for-prioritizing-competing

2. How to manage tasks as a product manager: https://www.leadinginproduct.com/p/how-to-manage-tasks-as-a-product

Thank Adam for your contribution!

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This post feels so relevant to my work situation, I had to read every word. It might be the first post on your blog I've read from end to end. There's a good mix of storytelling and digital work-related tips. The urgent vs important graphic pulled me in. It looks original though it's based on a meme.

This quote hooked me:

"I did an experiment a couple years ago where I was intentional about not responding to mail for 2-3 days. I was surprised by both how much less mail I got myself (duh, I suppose in hindsight) but also how often someone else responded in the same way I would have, or even better."

I'm curious how you only touch email once when you don't respond for 3 days. I'm trying to imagine figuring out how to only read 3 day old emails when so many threads go on for days.


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