Progress Update: 21 for 21

"Life is what happens to you, while you are making other plans." ~John Lennon

On January 5th 2021, I posted my goals list for 2021 called 21 for 21. It was one of our first posts on Mind the Beet and I got lots of positive feedback and commentary on it. So in an effort to keep myself accountable and to reflect as the year starts winding down, I’m taking stock of how far I got on my list and what last pushes I need to make this year as I contemplate by 22 for 22 list (if you are not familiar with this concept, check out Gretchen Rubin’s writing and podcasts on this).

Here was my 21 for 21 list:

1) Watch 1 MasterClass a week and try to put it into practice

2) Learn to pipe frosting on cakes/cookies - UNDERWAY

3) Adopt 2 new recipes into regular day to day life - DONE (From Thomas Keller - American style scrambled eggs and a new beet salad recipe)

4) Re-discover piano

5) Grow an herb garden

6) Do yoga/Pilates once a week

7) Continue with in home/virtual personal training - UNDERWAY

8) Figure out gut issues - PART 1 DONE, pausing for next steps

9) Daily glass of water a day + multi vitamin for self-care

10) Discover a new jogging path

11) Get a COVID-19 vaccine - DONE

12) Onboard and set up a new nanny - DONE (twice 😂 )

13) Book 2 family photo shoots - DONE

14) Plan a trip for our family - DONE

15) See my best friend - IN PROGRESS

16) Update photos in my locket - DONE

17) Walk once a week with a friend

18) Keep up the new blog/newsletter with Adam - DONE

19) Spend 21 mindful minutes a day on self

20) Renew my passport - DONE

21) Meet a new person a month - DONE

Botton line: I’m hitting a 50% completion rate so far

It’s been a busy year - items like meet a new person a month came easy as I joined a new company and I loved getting to know my new co-workers.

However, I also tore my ACL in February, which put things like walking once a week with a friend or discovering a new jogging path on pause. I’m happy to say that I have finally been cleared for running so I can get back to this.

All and all, I’ve enjoyed the process of outlining goals and reflecting which ones were hard vs. manageable to accomplish. I really liked the tip of putting things on the list that you are looking forward to doing and indeed, those mostly got done (unless health got in the way).

The hard ones - The self-care goals stand out as low lights for me as it was hard to build a habit around 21 mindful minutes a day on myself (specifically excluding social media and mindless scrolling from this list) as well as seemingly simple things like drinking a glass of water a day and taking a vitamin.

The doable ones - A highlight has been focusing on tangible things that did get done (updating my locket photo, renewing my passport, taking a family trip, etc.) as well as social ones, since I really enjoy getting to know and spending time with people.

Next steps: Tomorrow is another day

This is a great reminder to get going on some of the items I haven’t made progress on - to be honest, I’m not sure if an herb garden or falling in love with the piano are going to happen this year, but drinking water/taking vitamins, finding 21 mindful minutes, discovery a new jogging path (now that I can jog again) - are things I’m going to try to get going on this year.

Coda on Privilege.

This week, I am re-highlight Mary's Place which provides shelters and services to help women, children, and families on their journey out of homelessness.

Mary’s Place has long been a favorite charity in many Microsoft Giving campaign events during October - as the month is coming to an end, and the warm weather is giving way to chilling winds and cold weather, there are many in need of the services Mary’s Place provides.

Other charities in this category: Hopelink and The Sophia Way are two other similar medium-sized charities in this space. The United Way – King County has long been a strong regional partner on this problem.