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Feb 13, 2023ยทedited Feb 13, 2023

Hi Adam, I lead the Learning series for my team in Azure CXP and would love to talk to you about having you come present one of these topics in our Monthly Learning series. The topics that I am interested in are the following:

- A Guide To Cross-Team Work (OR)

- Where Does a Product Leader Spend Their Time?

I am leaning more towards the first since our team does a lot of cross-team/cross-org work and we would really benefit from your experiences. Before we go there, I wanted to learn more about what this talk will be about and see if you want to tailor it based on my team's need. So, you may have questions for me as well. You may also suggest something completely new once you learn more about my team :) Let me know how you want to proceed, happy to set up sometime on your calendar for next week.

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