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The Gifts You Give: A New Year's Resolution Framing πŸ—“οΈ

Surviving the Holidays

Getting to πŸ‘ƒ me

Building a modern village

πŸŽ„ Happy Holidays 🎁

Building critical habits at workΒ Β 

πŸŽ™ Our First Joint Podcast 😎

πŸ’‘ Daylight Savings and Seasonal Darkness - Our Family Plan

πŸŽƒ A Spooky Retro on Some Recent Writings πŸ‘»

Progress Update: 21 for 21

Finding Purpose in Tech Careers: The Explorer, the Journeyman, and the Healer

Family bliss vs. bilingualism

Our Donations and Most Meaningful Causes

Beet salad: A few tips on adulting through our busy lives

Burnout & Boredom: A Manager’s Pandemic Retrospective on Mental Health

The interview

Life Doesn’t Have an Instruction Manual

Beet Salad: Back to School

Celebrating 16 Years at Microsoft

Brave parenting

How does a product leader manage their time?

Tips and tricks from a busy mom: Kid allowance, Monday mornings, and a household "re-org"

Thriving In The Matrix: An Informal Conversation with 3 Microsoft Veterans on Cross-Team Work

Beet Salad: "Blues bag," Getting Kids to Eat, and Calendar Audit

Celebrating 10 years of marriage

Beet Salad: July Edition

Welcome to Summer! 😎 4 non-fiction book recs & other things to do.

My Information Diet

Reflecting on 10 years since graduating from UW Foster School of Business

Adapting to Mega Corp Culture

My journey with weight loss and wellness

Product Recs to Inspire an Epic Summer

Mega-corp to growth stage company transition

How I Approached a Recharge Week

Seven Modern Science Fiction Books: Page Turnings Reads with Big Ideas

Why mentorship matters

The Studio

A day in the life of a frontline manager

The People Angle: A Lens on Career Advice & Job Seeking in Tech

Starting a new job – ready, set, go

Where Does a Tech Product Leader Spend Their Time?

Resilience, gratitude and optimism

The Gifts We Hope to Give

Seven pieces of advice for parents returning to the "office" after parental leave

Vessi Footwear: A Seattle Dad Review

Three careers by mid-30s

Celebrating 15 Years at Microsoft

Childcare: Welcoming a Nanny into your household

Our Picks: Top 5 Children’s Books in Our Household Library

21 for 2021

Reflecting on 2020

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